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Seminario de Física - Miércoles 24 de Mayo - 3:30 PM

05/24/2017 - 15:30

"Simulating spin-boson models with trapped ions"

Dra. Cecilia Cormick
Universidad Nacional de Córdova


We propose a method to simulate the dynamics of spin-boson models with small crystals of trapped ions where the electronic degree of freedom of one ion is used to encode the spin while the collective vibrational degrees of freedom are employed to form an effective harmonic environment. The key idea of our approach is that a single damped mode can be used to provide a harmonic environment with Lorentzian spectral density. More complex spectral functions can be tailored by combining several individually damped modes. In this way the dynamics of spin-boson models with macroscopic and non-Markovian environments can be simulated using only a few ions. We illustrate the approach by simulating an experiment with realistic parameters and show by computing quantitative measures that the dynamics is genuinely non-Markovian.

Miércoles 24 Mayo alas 15:30 hrs.
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Departamento de Física
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Doctorado en Ciencia con Mención en Física